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Compensation & Commission Calculator

To qualify for 2 levels of commissions in any given month you must purchase 40 IP in that month.

To qualify for commissions on the 3rd level you must be signed up on a 40 IP A.S.A.P. and have 3 1st level referrals purchasing (40 IP) in that month.

IP (International points) Explained:
Each Life Plus product is assigned a commision value IP (International Points).
Commissions are calculated on that value.
Qualifying orders are also calculated on that value.

Example 1: Daily BioBasics sells for $55 regular price
Internatational Points (IP) = 40 IP
25% commission would be $10
10% commission would be $4
5% commission would be $2

Example 2: Daily BioBasics sells for $49 on A.S.A.P.
Internatational Points (IP) = 40 IP
25% commission would be $10
10% commission would be $4
5% commission would be $2

Regardless of what discount is applied to the product or what country it is sold in,
the IP commission remains the same.

This 3 level compensation plan is designed as an entry level program that allows members to earn extra income on a part-time basis. Some members will want to build a serious business well beyond 3 levels of compensation. LifePlus has designed an Infinity Compensation Plan for those members.

Calculate Potential Income
The following Commission Calculator is provided to help you estimate what you could possibly be earning according to your performance.

When people you have referred (Level 1) refer new members (Level 2) who in turn refer new members, you end up with members on level 1, 2, and 3. Your referral membership may grow to well over 3 levels, but for the sake of simplicity we will stay focused on only 3 levels. Experiment with different combinations of members on different levels to get a good feel for the income potential of your own LifePlus business.

The normal minimum purchase per member would be 40 IP. Sales history indicates the average customer IP would be closer to 80 IP. Many members purchase 150 IPor more per month. In the Commission Calculator enter 40 for the minimum IP or 80 for the average IP per member.

In the commission % column enter:

  • Level 1 enter .25
  • Level 2 enter .10
  • Level 3 enter .05

Commission Calculator
This simple Java calculator will help you to calculate your monthly LifePlus commission check based on the number of Members in your downline, the commission percentage on each level, and the average monthly personal volume (IP) per member.

Instructions: Enter the average IP per Member, the commission percentage for each level, and the number of Members on each level and then click on "Calculate Results."

Avg. Monthly IP Per Member
Level # Com. %
Number of
Total Monthly Commission
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